Managed Micorsoft Azure Services

Moving your IT Infrastructure to the Cloud? Manage your Microsoft Azure deployments alongside your private cloud deployments, Scale and Automate Applications

Whats great about Microsoft Azure Managed services ?

Azure-Ready Configurations

With a range of load balancer, web and app server, cache server,Firewall services
and database servers, Datawalls can get you up and
running quickly.

Automate Provisioning

Use customized server templetes that include scalable .NET deployments, HA SQL Server and Active Directory services for your organization

Stay Compliant and Secure

Customized governance, and data policy management to meet security and compliance requirements.

Micorsoft Azure Services

Benefits & Features

• Cut deployment time by 60-80%
• Reduce deployment bandwidth requirements by 85%
• Streamline Azure billing processes
• App Service and Mobile Engagement
• Up to 50 Free Virtual Network
• Azure Active Directory integration
• Scheduler and automation



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