Managed Hybrid Cloud in Toronto

Our Cloud Integrator approach
delivers the benefits of maximum network up-time,
enhanced security and increased productivity

across your organization

Whats great about our Managed Hybrid services?


Move applications freely and securely between environments, in and out of the cloud, from low to high performance, helping clients define technology requirements simply and exactly.

Cloud Management

Future-proof architecture planning, implementation, migration, operation and optimization.

Security & compliance

Customized governance, and data policy management to meet security and compliance requirements.

Managed Hybrid Cloud

Benefits & Features

• Accessible anytime, anywhere - safe, secure.
• Stable, controlled systems with change and capacity management
• Enhance performance, increase work productivity
• Avoid the overhead of maintaining and supporting your own infrastructure
• Security, no sensitive information stored locally on users’ desktops
• 24/7 management for all time availability
• Application delivery direct to users
• User profile management
• Anti-virus detection and Malware protection



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