Virtualization industry is progressing rapidly. Generally, this technique is used by technically advanced companies but it is becoming popular currently due to the use of cloud services. The Virtualization technique is used to create the simulated versions of internet, hardware, software and advanced methods of designing IT frameworks. The most important feature of this technique is providing security and integrity of cloud services.

A virtual internet connection is used to link two systems together remotely without the use of cables and wires. Technically by using this connection, the systems seem to be connected in a way that they are present together physically despite of the fact that they are located on different locations. The benefits of this technique include reduced cost and ease of use.

Innovations and advancements are also present in the hardware industry. The leading edge technology of internal partition of the net to ensure the safety of the system against internal threats is the example of advancement in hardware industry. Number of partitions is directly proportional to the levels of safety but certain boundaries are present on the partition ability of the firewall.

Well known virtualization service providers “VMware” are trying to combine the services of “Segmentation of the internet” and “Virtual internet connection” in their cloud services. This company is trying to introduce the concept of “Micro partitions” in the computer components. Their project “Goldilocks” will create a simulated firewall for every application. These applications will create a specific record to show every operation that they can perform. When these applications run, the goldilocks project will verify the functionalities with the records to ensure that the working of the system is appropriate.

The partition of internet and the use of this technique in common applications rather than entire web or operational organizations greatly transformed the security services. Protection of the systems against external attacks will be easier as they will be gridlocked and terminated easily by utilizing the practical nature of the Goldilocks system by usingcloud services.

Although this technology of virtualization is complex but the “VMware service providers” provide this service in an easy way. They provide constant support for cloud services with the help of dedicated IT specialists.