When corporate owners decide to promote or improve their business website, they will regularly be presented with the problem of selecting dedicated server web hosting or shared server hosting. Managed IT service providers give their clients the facility of selecting the server of their choice according to the requirements. There are key variances between shared hosting and dedicated hosting so it is significant to do the investigation before making a selection. Some key differences between dedicated and shared hosting include:

Websites hosted on the Server: By using a shared hosting bundle, other websites will also be hosted on the server along with your website. A dedicated hosting strategy means that your website is the only single site hosted on the server.

Bandwidth or Disk Storage: Managed IT service providers are responsible for providing sufficient bandwidth and disc storage for the websites. In the case of shared hosting, the volume of disk storage and bandwidth that you are allocated is limited because other websites are sharing the services too. In the scenario of dedicated hosting, bandwidth and disk storage are devoted to you particularly, there is no sharing and no boundaries on the volume of available storage space.

Expenses: Different pricing and cost models are used by managed IT services providers to ensure the satisfaction of the customers. Shared hosting distributes the server resources among several users, so functioning expenses are allocated between the users and it is economical. Because a dedicated server is devoted exclusively to single customer therefore it is expensive.

Security: Companies utilize the facilities of managed IT service providers due to the reliable security and protection they offer. Companies go to managed security services providers to improve the dangers they face regularly related to data security such as intentional malware, client information theft, services deficiencies and resource restrictions. In the case of shared hosting, the hosting corporation fits the firewalls, server safety applications and computer programs. Safeguarding a dedicated server will be your duty. You will be able to regulate the safety plans you installed and because you will be the owner therefore there are fewer probabilities of obtaining viruses, time bombs, Trojan horses and malware.

Response time and server performance: The main goal of using Managed IT services is to increase the response time and server performance for you online business. While using shared hosting, an increased traffic can be created which might waste the resources such as bandwidth. It will decrease the response time and the loading time. The response time and server performance will not decrease on a dedicated server because you are not sharing any resources.

The hosting type will be determined by your server, budget, website requirements and the amount of regulation that you wish. You can use any type of server hosting to fulfill your demands but it is significant to make a knowledgeable choice.